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around march 2009 the landlord rented to a woman I call "momma bug", her elderly father and her teenage daughter I call "fiono". They brought bedbugs with them when they moved into the apt. on the 1st floor. I noticed one in my apt. on the 2nd floor just a couple days after they moved in. I called the landlord right away and he sent an exterminator. We were told to pull all furniture out from the walls, empty all drawers, take down all the curtains to wash them in hot water along with all our cl

othes. After the exterminator sprayed he advised us to throw away our couch and chair so we did. This did not rid us of these pests. The exterminator repeated this process on a once a week basis for several months. He informed the landlord in front of me that the 1st floor was not cooperating with instructions to wash clothes or pull out furniture and that they were in fact reinfestin the house with more bugs from used furniture that the lady on the 1st floor was getting from her sister. After 6 months of dealing with washing everything we own and pulling out all our furniture once a week we just had to move to get away from them so we washed everything and as it was dried we had to take it to the car to prevent reinfestation. That was around september 2009 and now 14 months later still living bedbug free. My advice don't share walls ceilings or floors with people if you can! at all avoid it.

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