384 Probasco St
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2857

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i moved in and days after i noticed red marks on my body, and eventually started to see the bugs myself.i believe they leased us this apartment knowing it was infested and I'm afraid they will do it to the next person. My room mate and i contacted the owners (Rent Clifton) for weeks until they finally sent a guy out to spray. Then we still were getting bitten and we had to call for a few more weeks to get them to send him out again. after spending over $400 dollars on sprays at home depot and t

wo "professional" sprays later, the bugs were still there. So we gave up, got rid of all our furniture and moved out. i still to this day have a higher sense when it comes to something being on my skin (i freak out when i even feel one hair move from the wind) but 4 months later i am only now starting to get over the terror instilled by these bugs. i wouldn't recommend moving into any Rent Clifton building after learning how little they care when it comes to maintenance and bugs.

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