707 Martin Luther King Dr W
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2580

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This is the address of the Forum Apts, on MLK, in Clifton. My BF, his son and I moved in at the end of April, 2009. We first noticed the bed bugs that July. Long story short, the apt. mgmt. went thru 4 different treatment companies and not a single one was consistent with scheduling treatments. We had heard of other tenants having the bed bugs also, but rather than treating the entire building, they just treated the apts. of the people who actually reported a problem. We left at the end of

our lease and had to get rid of our sofas, entertainment center and box springs (luckily our actual mattresses were already sealed in plastic before the bugs appeared.) I have no idea whether the bed bugs have actually been eradicated from this property or not, so beware.

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