727 Martin Luther King Dr W
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2509

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My girlfriend and I moved in in the middle of July for school, July 16th I think it was.

We have never had a bed bug problem before and we are still bug-free. There have been a couple other issues with the apartment but they're sort of "old building" type problems.

No bugs in our place and as far as I know none of my neighbors have had any complaints or brought in any pest-control companies.

I know the Forum gets a bad rap online but as far as I'm concerned it's a pretty nice place wi

th some very common tenant issues but nothing that's unreasonably bad or annoying.

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08/30/2010 - My wife and I moved into The Forum Apartments literally 30 days ago. We were living in the suburbs before moving down here for school and never had a bed bug problem before, and almost took bed bugs as a joke. Then yesterday we were sitting down to watch Avatar and right there on top of the brand new couch, (we just bought for the apartment), was a bed bug. I immediately took the bug and looked up images for comparison on the internet, and sure enough, bed bug. They look almost

like a tick, in thier larger form. At that point we hadn't yet searched the bed, so at 3:30 A.M., I overturned my entire bed and box springs and searched for bed bugs, feeling like a crack head in search of the addiction. I found approximately 10 bed bugs, visually with the naked eye, and put them in an empty pill jar. Needless to say the problem is going to continue unless CMC Properties at The Forum takes care of the entire complex.

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