3238 Whitfield Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2302

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I would like to add that Gaslight Properties owns this building and a lot more in the Clifton area. I would not trust them again.

June 2010-2011 Moved in after being told the building was clean. Few weeks later started getting bites. Told the landlord and they came to spray. I knew little of bedbugs but I found their method horrible since they only sprayed my bed and futon. Once a guy just looked at it and said it looked fine and didn't even spray! I complained numerous times to the landlord, but nothing was done differently. Anyway, when I stopped getting bitten I thought the problem was solved. I recently moved and go

t rid of a lot of things, including my bed. I unfortunately brought my futon with me and my first night I could feel I was being bitten. I thought it was fleas from the previous rents, but when the pest control guy came to check things out he found eggs and a few babies on the futon. I went back to 3238 Whitfield and talked to some neighbors who said they had them too! The whole building is still infested and the landlord does nothing to get rid of them. Lucky for me with the help of my new landlord's pest control guy, a lot of research, and a lot of battling and getting rid of more stuff I've managed to be rid of them.

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