2640 Burnet Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45219-2550

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The bedbugs are in this building bad, I thank God my I was month to month. I moved out ASAP RENT BEWARE...

PRIOR to moving in on May of 2010, seen B.B casing on frame of bedroom door. (nothing had ever been moved in, there to clean apt before moving in) Days later moved in items in boxes (having to leave them on the hallway floor and come back) also moving in furniture... A week after moving in, notice signs of activity in the bedroom on walls. Few days later had been bitten and seen on more than one occasion bedbugs on my couch. Once I started to searching and clean apt for my self noticed they were

in the items and boxes that were left in the hallway while moving. Called realtor to tell them the issue I was having and they told me since I had not mentioned the casing seen prior to moving in, I had to pay for exterminator myself! Had to THREATEN realty with calling the health department and city of cincinnati to have someone spray because prior to moving in i had not EVER seen one before! I was to the point of tears! After that, they made it their business to find an exterminator free of charge.

When the exterminator came he had mentioned that from the site of the areas he'd sprayed (ie. beds, dressers, and couch) were not infested heavily meaning I had not ever had them before and that my best bet was to protect all that I could if moving or choosing to stay in apt.I had come from living in an owned home residence before moving in the apt.

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Bed Bugs comfirmed in apartment in this build.

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