2372 Rohs St
Cincinnati, OH 45219-1212

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I lived in this apartment from 2009-2011 and did not have a single issues with bed bugs. If there were bed bugs, I would not have stayed for two years.

That just proves that the person from above has no idea what they are talking about because there aren't other apartments in the building and its a house.

So, owner, if the building ISN'T infested, how did you come to be searching for the address in the Bed Bug Registry?

No that claim is true.. IT WAS BADLY INFESTED.... And NO management did not help with a thing.. RENTERS BEWARE!

The report from Aug 2009 is bogus. I am the owner of this property, have contacted the tenants to verify this. Apparantly a disgruntled tenant reported this fictitious claim, hence the anonymous signature. I think your mode of letting anyone report on your website lacks credibility on your part. Dont you think you have a responsibility to investigate the info you receive a little further than just letting ANYONE post?

Bed bugs were brought into the apartment. We fought them for 7 months and were still there upon leaving. Other apartments in the building have them and so the infestation keeps coming back.

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