6609 Bantry Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45213

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August 2015 - We lived at 6609 Bantry for only about 5 months, when we began getting bed bug bites in our bed. At first we didn't know what it was, but about a week later, the landlord said he was going to spray and to pull everything out of the closets and drawers, I told him I did'nt have bedbugs where I came from and did not have them NOW! I was ignorant because I had never had them. I am allergic to insect bites of any type, so I went to my allergy Doctor and verified it was bed bugs.
It go

t soo bad that we had to sleep in a hotel one night. I came to find out later, that a resident who had lived here 25 yrs had them first and did not report it to the landlord. So the bugs where here when we moved in. I called 513-531-8531 and reported this to the landlord, I asked him could I move without any penalties, he said NO! AND SAID I WOULD FORFEIT MY SECURITY DEPOSIT AS WELL AS PAY THE RENT FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS TOO. I then explained to him that I had terrible allergic reaction to the bites, and that my husband was getting sick from insecticides because he has server asthma. He did'nt care so I called the FAIR HOUSING LEAGUE, they told me to get Doctors letters to prove our allergies.

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