2620 Duck Creek Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212-4125

Found 2 reports:

Since you were willing to submit your name to your posting, I will take this opportunity to respond directly to you.

I will first comment on the building:

As far as your comments about the building next door, feel free to read the comments I posted on that particular building on this site.

As far as the washer comment you made:

Both buildings share the washer and dryer located in this because there is not enough demand for a second set. When the coins are emptied monthly there i

s approximately $5 in each machine which means for 8 units the are 5 loads done in a month's time.

There is hot water to the washer and we have a note on the washer to wash on cold as to save energy and help the environment. You would not know anything about that as your idea of recycling is to use the recycling bin we provided you as an ashtray when you were not throwing the butts on the ground. In addition, the heat from a dryer is what aids in killing bed bugs.

Any turnover is usually caused by residents who do not pay their rent, live in unsanitary conditions brought on by their own bad behavior, and cause problems for their neighbors by the bad behavior sometimes because of alcohol or drug problems, mental issues, etc... Because of these problems often they choose not to work and "milk" the system, beat on their spouses or significant others, etc...

I will now comment on the author of the previous posting:

Why do you have multiple last names aka alias'?

Why do you and your boyfriend not work?

Why when you were living there did the Norwood Police tell me that you do not pay rent wherever you live when they asked if I was evicting you when they were called to the apartment yet again for you and your boyfriends lousy and criminal behavior?

Why have you had multiple evictions filed against you?

Why do you and your boyfriend drive around town when the three of us know you do not have any insurance and know it is against the law?

Why do you go to churches begging them for money when you don't attend church and are too lazy to get up off your couch (the one you left in my basement that we carried out to the curb today for trash pickup) and get a job.

You were evicted by me for:

Failure to pay rent.

When the courts granted me posession of your apartment from you we found:

Doors "ripped of their hinges.

Scratches 20' long in the hardwood floors as you were too lazy to actually pick the furniture up off the floor to move it out when you knew the Baliff of Hamilton County Court was coming for you.

All of the guards in the refrigerator broken out of the door that hold your food in place.

Most of your belongings and precious possessions left in the unit for me to discard.

An unclean apartment that had obviously been neglected for a long time.

The sad thing is that your kids have to suffer because of you and your boyfriends bad behavior and laziness that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Every resident in the building "were dancing in the streets" when you left as were me and mine.

We are still in court on this matter and a default judgment will be rendered against you within the coming weeks.

I caution all landlords that will rent to these people to beware as you will most likely get burned and burned worse than you could ever imagine. When they both litterly cry in front of you when you agree to rent to them as they tell you all of their stuff was burned in a fire at a storage unit and they are living on Mom's floor don't believe it as burned means evicted and means you the landlord.

As far as the current residents of this building:

For the most part they are fine nice people who take their responsibilities seriously by paying their rent and taking good care of their homes. They contribute to society by working, paying taxes, and doing things for others. Because of that they have our respect and therefore we are quick to respond to their needs as our residents.

see full report...

We lived at this location and the owner of the apartments owns the apartments next door and at the listed address. The apts next door have bedbugs and no matter what the landlord Jason Kraus has said there has been massive turnover there. He allows the people from the bedbug apts next door to wash in the 2620 address, because he is too cheap to get a washer there. Also there is no hot water in the laundry room, so you cant wash the bedbugs out. If you move in take lots of pics, the landlord will

try and screw you on the rent!!!

see full report...

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