2616 Duck Creek Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212-4125

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If and when we have a problem with bed bugs or any bug for that matter we will call in a licensed professional exterminator. In addition, we treat our units on an ongoing basis for all types of bugs to ensure we do not have a problem.

It is not the landlord or the building who brings the bugs in but the residents, usually as a result of bad habits such as picking up used and discarded furniture off the side of the road (there is a reason it was discarded) or unsanitary living conditions.

In addition, it is ironic that in my experience the people usually complaining about bed bugs are the ones that are behind on their rent and end up getting evicted or have personal problems such as drugs or alcohol or mental issues.

More often than not and thankfully when we get a call for a problem a professional and the health department does an inspection and does not find anything.

This building does not have a bed bug problem and if there was I would know about it. In addition, for the most part the residents there are excellent ones and get our respect and courtesy and therefore our quickest response to the needs that they might have.

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As of July 20, 2009:

Bed bugs have been reported for at least the last 3 months in apartments 1, 2 and 3 of this building. It is a 4 family building and the tenants in Apartment 1 report that the bed bugs were in there when they moved in and the landlord did not inform them that this was the case. The owerner, whose company is EA Real Estate, has made no attempts to address this problem to date and tenants are still being bit. BEWARE!

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