3928 S Madison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212-4022

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After the fact, the health department informed me that this person called them about bed bugs. He said he returned the call multiple times as he has to and she would not respond. He also informed me that he did an inspection of her unit just prior to her moving in and found no bed bugs.

When I told her we had never had a bed bug problem in her unit, she was told the truth as we never had.

Anytime we get a call about bed bugs o

r any type of bed bug for that matter, we bring in a professional who is licensed and recieve documentation upon completion. We also routinely treat ALL of our units for all types of bugs to ensure that we dont have a problem.

It is not the landlord or the building that brings bugs into the dwelling but the residents typically because of bad habits such as picking up used and discarded furniture (there is a reason why it is discarded) or unsanitary living conditions.

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My boyfriend and I were assured there had never been a report or issue with bed bugs in this home/apt. We moved in on a Monday. Within two hrs of moving our furniture in we found aprox. six bed bugs on our couches. We immediately moved them to the curb. By the next morning my boyfriend had over 91 yes 91 bed bug bites on his back!!! Only to find out from other tennants that bed bugs have been a constant problem for months. the landlord later addmitted to me that they had treated months ago. Appe

rantly not very succsessfully! Needless to say we moved right back out. Due to having a baby due in November we unfortunately just had to throw everything out because the landlord was not using a professional exterminator, and he tried to tell us that only our apt needed to be treated.

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