2205 Park Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212-3204

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This all started a couple of years ago in 2008 we first saw bed bugs. It is not just this address of the apartment building. It is all twelve apartments at this point. I am moving, because this place is infested and the landlord seems to be happy letting it stay that way. He tries to tell us not to inform anyone he is having look at getting an apartment here of the problem. He only has a few of the apartments sprayed at a time, and maybe once every month if we are lucky. So, instead of controlli

ng the problem that should have been under control in two to three months, the problem has quickly grown. They were brought in by some tenants that later admitted they knew they had bed bugs in their furniture when they moved in. The habits of many of the tenants here keeps rodents abundant, which gives the bugs more food supply. That may be why the landlord never really tried much to get rid of them. These apartments are not ghetto or slum, but they are nothing fancy. The building is considered an antique. The landlord claims he cannot afford to treat the bugs, but we know he can afford golf trips out of town and dining out nice places. He and his brother own this building and many more under the name Dorney Investments. They are both real estate lawyers and make a lot of money, so I don't buy that line about he can't afford an exterminator. He also is supposed to provide free heat, but he has said we need to all get our own heaters when we complain about temperatures below 60. You do not want to move here. No one should be victimized by moving in here and having all their stuff ruined like happened to me. It has taken all this time just for me to save enough to make the move and start out with all new furniture. This is my last month here, and I am living in the world of critters that make it hard for me to close my eyes and go to sleep. I know they are feeding on me and the cats. There are rats in the basement. My place is too clean for the rodents, and they are scared of the cats, but other people have been living with the rodents and all kinds of other bugs intruding their apartment. Be warned. Stay away.

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