2047 Mills Ave
Norwood, OH 45212-3056

Found 2 reports:

We live in the building and have told the Landlord the same thing!!!!!!!!!! Everyday!!!!
It's so bad we are looked at as paria's and we
have been working to try and keep them away!!!
Most of the people in the building are and have been so cruel.......!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want to live here "but" We have been told that there
gone by the bug people!!!!!!

I Hope Everyone Else has A Happy Holiday!!!

There is a Couple at the end of the building, who has had them since 08. I tried telling the landlord he needs to pull the carpet then spray. thats the only way to get rid of them totally! But he chooses to do things HIS way. and I told him, that he will end up paying out more later than now. My guess is that that part of the building is already infested. they just haven't surfaced yet.

No nearby bug reports