2240 Norwood Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212-2755

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The bed bugs are almost gone. the land lord got a pro bug man for big$$$$$ & most of them were zapped. No only 3 renters pay the bug man $25 pr. mo. to do his thing. Will they return???????

Hi, I can sympathize with your bad experience with bedbugs. However, these postings are really not painting the true picture of whats going on in this building. I have been living in this building for 5 years and Im embarrsed my complex is getting all this bad press from a few bad apples that dont even live there. The landlord is always there when I need him. His rent is very cheap and he keeps a clean building. He does spray monthly and does not use cheap hardware store stuff. I have for my

own eyes seen the stuff he sprays. I got wind of the bedbug registry from my mom. Her friend found it somehow and brought it to her attention. The whole situation is quite embarrasing for me. I think if you allow these posting to stay up, the only affect its going to have is keeping good renters away. When that last post was uploaded there was only one opening. The landorlord does a a very good job, in my opnion of keep good people in here at such a low rent.

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If you want to be lied to, rent here. This building has had a bed bug problem for years, and unfortunately the apartment manager pretends that it hasn't. The numbers are rising in people who are moving out of this building, I've seen all of their furniture by the dumpster. There was even a video on Youtube about this building and bed bugs (it's been taken down since-it was made by a previous tenant). I was lied to for almost a year and now after throwing out everything I own, I live a happy

and bed bug free life far away from this building.

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Do not rent here. Appt manager looked me in the eye an lied to me. I NEVER had a bedbug problem till I moved here. the building was almost all rented and the bugs showed up. Now the building is almost empty. I am looking for a new place. I will have to throw EVERYTHING I own in the trash.

We invite anyone to visit the property for their personal inspection. The property is treated at least monthly for all insects. We believe the posting were isolated incidents. The people that have posted were disgruntled parties who encountered bedbugs elsewhere and brought their infestation with them in their belongings. Our exposure to bedbugs has been very limited.

I lived at this location for two years and several neighbors along with myself all got Bed Bugs when i was there. It has 25 apartments in it and almost every month someone was moving out because of the bed bugs. Landlord knew all along but did little but spray some cheap hardware store bug spray here and there. Also I have a good friend who still lives in the building and is about to move out because of the bed bugs. I helped him throw out his bed and I seen the bugs. Talked with several other p

ast neighbors, all said landlord sprays more often now but it does no good. The landlord has known of the bed bug infestation for at least 3 years and still will not get a professional exterminator. And he will look you in the eye and lie about it. Do not move into that building!

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During my stay (3 years) at this location, I had gone through 3 mattresses and replaced all furniture and clothing along with several other people in this building. Landlord would not seek professional treatment and was well aware of problem. EXTREME INFESTATION, STAY AWAY!

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