4733 Section Ave
Norwood, OH 45212-2143

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Moved in to the first floor in the middle of June and everything was fine, but half way through July the guy upstairs moved out and left the 2nd floor filthy with dog poop ground into the carpet and all around disgusting. My landlord asked me if I wanted to paint it for him after he got it cleaned out. Apparently cleaned out to him meant sweeping up and vacuuming. The place was still disgusting and he had no plans of getting new carpet, only cleaning the carpets. Well after starting on painting

1 room I found a huge bed bug infestation, and less than 2 days later they were all over the first floor. Naturally I informed him of the situation, to which he replied "I will go get some spray". Needless to say it did not help and I called Orkin out to inspect and tell the landlord of the problem. The Orkin man found several dead and alive bugs and showed him, and also explained the situation to him. To which he replied"I don't believe they can spread that fast". We told him we are moving out and we want our deposit back. And, now he is trying to say we brought them with us, and he will not give us our deposit back and he will not have the place exterminated. And he wants us out by the 1st. His name is Ron Freeman and his wife's name is Phyllis. They own several properties in the Norwood area and do not take care of any of them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them and their buildings. They may look decent at first, but once you move in it will be a nightmare. I now have to throw all of my belongings away and find a new place with no money and no possessions.

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