5500 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212-1809

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Cypress View Apartments all units, My husband And i separated so I moved in this cute 2br with in the lease a bug free guarantee. My brother in law did work for the leasing company so I thought it was good he even lived there as well did my sister. I moved there from a house I did not have these nasty little creatures till i lived there for 5 months and started noticing bites on my boys i worked 3rd shift and slept in the daytime so i never got bit then there where these bugs in the laundry room

so I got my brother in law to come down to the laundry and you guessed bed bugs two days later they came at 8am for a surprise inspection on all units they told me i didn't have them but we kept getting bit i moved out 30 days later trashed everything i owned and started over but on the day i went to clean and turn my keys in i found them good luck if your moving there because i personally know that people that still live there today still have them

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