2021 Worth Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212-1441

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I had bed bugs for 3 years in my apartment. I first went to Jewish Hospital, with a rash and thought it was from a new medication. They told me I had bed bugs in my apartment. I did not know what to look for and thought it was an incorrect diagnois. Last spring a tenant in apartment number 2 had to leave after the landlord, was unable to exterminate, professionally. He told me a number of times it would not be worth the expense. He had a professional license himself and could take care of th

e problem. A tenent in apartment 3, told me he was itching and did not have bedbugs, he thought. Shortly, after a bloodly mattress, chairs, all his furniture was thown out. The items thrown out was not disposed of properly, the landlord paid 25 dollars to the garabage department. Several people have come and gone from the apartments losing many items, clothing, furniture, ect. I lost 2 beds, 2 chairs, and clothing, and other infested items. I was told to leave my apartment after living there 8 years after my friend asked for an extermination. I was given a 3 day eviction notice. Note: My friend also has the bed bug problem, and had to have a professional extermination, and lost her furniture,sofa, bed, and other items

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