2955 Madison Rd
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November, 2011

Hello. I am pleased to report that our bedbug issue has been eliminated due to the monthly Professional Exterminator Service Program that the building has received since April 2011. Every apartment in the building plus the laundry room receives this monthly treatment.

Please be aware that tenants or visitors can carry bedbugs into a building if they are coming from a place that has them. That is why I have committed to this ongoing profession

al monthly treatment. The chemicals used by the exterminators in their monthly treatments have residual killing power that eliminates bedbugs that are carried into the building before they have a chance to reproduce.

If you are considering living at “2955” ask yourself this question--
Should I choose to live in a building that has monthly professional exterminator treatments or one that doesn’t?

There are many current tenants of 2955 who have lived in the building a lot longer than their initial one-year term, some for 10+ years. It is a clean and quiet building in a great neighborhood. If you choose to live at 2955 my goal will be to be the best landlord you will ever have.

Rod Kaplan

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aggggghhhh!!!!!!! At 2955 Madison road we are being ate up!!!!!! This is completly out of hand!!! the landlord has tried to keep this issue a secret from his tenets. ive was contacted by another tenet who showed me bites and asked me if i saw any bed bugs. I told her i did and i was saving them to show our landlord. after sha and i spoke i started digging around the apartment and found a few, one in my bed. i saved it and contacted the landlord. his response was ok, ill buy you some spray!!!!!

at this point i startred knocking on doors and doing my own detective work and what i heard was appalling, some tenets contacted him several years ago and told him therer were bed bugs in their apt, nhis response, heres some spray!! we live in a building with some disabled adults and do you think theyre capable of treating their apartment effectivly? n0!! some of them cant do much for themselves so the problem just increased until its out of control. oiut of 17 apts ive only talked to 4 people who said they have not seen any in their apt. you do the math for yourself and think about the effect this has had on us in thje building, lost sleep, dont want to cook in the apt, i have a child living with me in these conditions it makes me sad. once multiple people started to complain about the bugs he sent his "friend" an exterminator to inspect the apts, he looked at my bug i found in my bed and told me it was a baby roach and he dnt see any activity in any of our apts but he and the landlord will start treatments. that was april 29th. we are paying for the apt but our living conditions are gross. the exterminator is the landlords friend and i feel like he wasnt going to let us know the severity of the issue, he wanted us to keep quite. this is absurd!!! this neglect has caused two people who werent there a month to move out and to leave their things behind. im not working at this moment so me packing up what i can and leaving isnt an option for me, im stuck and have no options...... i dont even want to go home the thought of it makes me feel gross......the neglect from our landlord is pathetic! im at my end with this situation! any advice?

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I found a bed bug on my bed one late evening in October 2010 and captured it in a small container as proof to show the landlord. As I inspected my bed further I found a two more and captured those as well. I had no history of getting bitten by beg bugs (Actually I was getting bitten every now and then but wrote it off as spider bites since I wasn't getting a bad reaction to the bites, they looked like tiny spider bites and there was only one here and there every so often) but I knew they were th

ere as I had proof. I called my landlord and set up a time for him to inspect my apartment a few days later. As he inspected my apartment no bugs were seen and when I showed him the container of bugs, he stated they weren't bed bugs. He continued to say I had no bites (thought I didnt at the time), my child had no bites, and no bugs were seen on my bed or couch so those arent bed bugs. I asked him if there were any apartments in the building that had them. He said there was one and the area had been treated. There shouldn't be an issue for you as beg bugs don't go from apartment to apartment. I asked if he would treat my place and he said no. So I went and bought my own bug spray and treated my apartment as well as washed everything. I hadn't seen any more bugs since the ones I had captured. After a couple months of treatments, keeping all my dirty clothes in plastic bags, and washing everything I could every week the bites stopped. During this time I had asked several of my neighbors if they had seen any bugs. Some said yes they seen a one or two and others said no. For those had said yes, they also told me they knew of three apartments that were infested with the bugs. I asked the landlord about it and he said the issue had been taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Now it's April 2011 and the bites have returned but this time, you could tell these were bed bug bites as soon as you saw them. There was no question about it. Entire patches would show up every night on my stomach, then my back, neck, hands, and feet. So I called my landlord again and persited to tell him my apartment has bed bugs and he needs to come and take care of this issue, he needs to get an exterminator, he needs to treat the whole building. Again he said he wasn't going to treat the whole building, that bed bugs don't go from one apartment to another and they are only isolated issues. He said I had probably carried them in from someone elses place. I dont know of anyone who has bed bugs. I dont go many places and I have very few close friends that I hang out with. I asked him then how come entire apartment buildings become condemned because of bed bugs. He didn't have an answer. I asked how long will it take to get rid of them, how many times will he need to spary. He reply was, we'll need to spray twice and it might take awhile. I also told him I had saw a bunch of bottles of bed bug spray in the apartment window below me and if he knew about that apartment having bed bugs. He said that apartment had already been sparyed. After notifing a neighbor of mine (the one who keeps tabs on everthiing, the one who told me three apratments was infested with bed bugs)she would keep and eye out and let me know anythign she heard. I told her she needed to call the landlord and tell her she had seen one in her place. A few days later she called me after talking with a few more people that had just moved into the building in March 2011, their apartments were infested, the landlord out right said no there were no issues with bed bugs or roaches when they asked before moving in. Apparently they had moved into the apartments that were infested and the landlord thought he could just leave the apartment vacant for a few weeks give it a spray or two and everything was fine. I even seen my landlord had someone come and rip up carpet in the two efficiency apartments that are still vacant and lacured the hard wood floors. He even put a letter under everyones door sometime back in the August of 2010 to inform his tenants there that he understands people talk and that if they are concerned about any bed bug issue to call him. He continued to state the media was giving bed bugs a hype and you shouldn't believe what you hear, to call him if you were concerned along with some other info. He knew there was an issue and tried to take the easy way out, taking short cuts, not believing there were bed bugs in my apartment even after I showed him what I had captured. The three I caputured I left them alive as a science experiment. You would not believe how long they lived, how fast they reproduced, how they tried to get out of the container.

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