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My roommate and I had bedbugs in our apartment room (#11) in July 2009. There were also bedbugs in one of the rooms on the floors above us. Both apartments were treated multiple times by an exterminator but we suspect they were spread throughout the building and possibly originating in the laundry room, as my roommate did laundry at the facility in our building and I took mine to my parents' house and she was the one who had bedbugs. We had lived there since August 2007 but canceled our lease

when we found out about the bugs and moved out. Even after we returned to the empty room, which had been treated on several occasions, to return our keys and do our walk-through, we STILL noticed a bedbug on the wall in what was her room. We thoroughly treated everything we had during the moving out process and neither of us experienced bedbugs at our new locations.

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