983 Enright Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45205-2636

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Lady down stairs from me had very horrid living conditions... She passed away and in cleaning out her apartment i think they chased them up stairs. At this point in time i found them in my matress im in the process of getting covers for them and putting pesticed down .. i did notice a few live bugs and rubbing alchol and a spray bottle will kill those on contact.. or so i have been told and it seems like when i spray them they die off... the building i live in is rather large with appox. 6 t

otal adress one on my street 4 on st lawrence and one more on oakland.. i have been told the oakland side is no infected but the rest of the building is... I SAY DECLARE WAR AND KILL ALL THE BUGS"..i would also like to thank the dirty hispanics for the roaches..

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