510 Considine Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45205-2334

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My boyfriend and I moved into this 2 family home on March 13th. On March 19th at around 9:30pm my boyfriend and I were sitting on our couch watching a movie.My boyfriend felt something crawling on him. It was a bug that was a reddish brown color and looked like a little tick. The next morning when I got out of the shower I noticed I had bug bites all over my body. I did some research and figured out that the bug we saw was a bed bug. I looked for more and found 2 or 3 in between the box spring a

nd matress of our bed. I also found 1 on the couch and 1 was actually crawling on the floor. I took tape and picked them up and placed them in a double sealed plastic bag. We called our landlord, who happens to be a friend of my boyfriends dad, he didn't answer so we went to his house. I asked him if he had knowledge of the previous tenant or woman living upstair had any problems with bed bugs. He said "no, that nobody has lived downstairs in a while and the woman upstairs kept her stuff clean." I informed him that cleanliness had nothing to do with the problem and that bed bugs can live dormant for up to 18 months. He said he didn't care about educating himself on what was going on and that he would just go ahead and call an exterminator. My boyfriend talked to him today and he said that delhi pest control would be coming to treat the apartment on Tuesday the 29th. I'm not sure if they are state certified to treat this problem or if our landlord is planning on having the whole house treated. I plan on calling delhi pest control for more information tomorrow. This whole situation has put a lot of stress on my boyfriend and I. We are very upset and feel that our landlord should have informed us that this was going on before we moved all our nice furnature into this infested home.

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