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We were staying in this lovely hotel which we found incredibly friendly and all appeared to be fine. I awoke at 4:00 a,m. with a neck cramp. When I sat up, I found I was sharing my bed with a dead bedbug. I enclosed it in a plastic bag and showed it to the management. They confirmed the finding and offered a free night. That wasn't the point, so we checked out and went to another hotel. What a shame for an otherwise nice experience.

I woke up around 2AM with a strange feeling, like something was moving inside my T-shirt. Still half asleep I went to scratch it with my hand and it moved. I quickly turned on the light to find that it was a bug. I place it in a cup, took a picture and notified the front desk in the AM.

I had woken up the morning before with a couple of bumps on me but I do not think anything about it as I had never experienced bed bugs before.

For anyone that may read this and wonder I am a clean, sl

acks wearing, starched shirts professional kind of person so I do not have bugs.

I have a picture and an video of the bug should you feel the need to see it.

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