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I discovered bed bugs in my apartment about a year ago in my daughter's room. We called the office and reported them and they came and sprayed. They also said we'd get a repeat spraying a week or two later, and they never showed up. We reported it again about six months later, after trying to contorl them ourselves by using pesticides we bought at the store. I got tired of it to I reported it yet again. They gave me a 24 hour notice to pretty much pack up the entire apartment. Needless to

say they never showed up anyway. Talking with the other parents at the bus stop, I find out it wasn't just my building with the problem, it's pretty much the entire apartment complex. So if you're looking for an apartment in West Chester, stay away from Woodbridge On The Lake. I think we discovered them in November of 2009, and now it's October of 2010.

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