6725 Fairfield Business Dr
Fairfield, OH 45014

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I stayed at the Value Place extended-stay hotel in Fairfield, OH in Sept 2010. During the night I woke around 2:00 AM when I felt something moving on my chest. When I turned on the light I was horrified at what I saw. There were 8+ begbugs crawling around in the bed with me and there was blood on the sheets. At first I thought maybe I only received a couple of bites. Boy was I wrong, I had a delayed reaction to the bites, they didn't swell up and turn red until 2 days after the encounter. At las

t count I have about 23 bites on my body and they itch. I confronted the front desk about the incident and they quickly refunded my money. I only hope they close this room and any rooms next to it to fix the problem.

It is really hard to go to bed now without thinking there are bugs crawling on me :(

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