4225 Macsway Ave
Columbus, OH 43232-4247

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I'm in this building fairly often as I work in home care. They have had problems with bed bugs for the past several years. I have to say that since the building was recently sold(I'd say within the past year or so), the new owners have taken a much more proactive stance then any other building I've been in. They've brought in the bed bug sniffing dogs. They identified the problem areas and treated the apartments with HEAT, which is far better then any chemical treatment out there. To the dismay

of the residents, they took all the furniture and carpet out of the downstairs meeting areas for 45 days to limit everyone gathering and furthering the problem, as we all know those suckers hitchhike from one area to another. This was temporary and necessary to try to take care of the problem. Hoping they have success because like I said, I've seen no other apartment building I go into work this hard to stop the bugs.

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These apartments continue to have issues with bed bugs. I know several people who live here who complain it's a constant proble,

Eastland Manor Apartments. Infestation reported ongoing since September 2009. Complex receiving professional treatment.

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