4790 Hilton Corporate Dr
Columbus, OH 43232-4150

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on 5/8/2011moved into room 207 for a tempory stay due to an arm injury i was confined to my room alot. several days later i noticd bites on me. unfamiliar with bedbugs, thought they were mosquito bites on May 15,2011 upon paying for my 2nd week, informed office of my bites and asked for a screen. they said they were doing away with screens and couldnt help. i continued to get bites and went online for hours trying to find out what they were and how to treat them. on May 26, 2011 i woke up to fin

d one on my face and put in container and took to exterminator that informed me that it was an adult bedbug and instruucted me to remove everything from my room and take to laundrymat and wash and dry in high heat and put in ziploc bags.I informed the office and they assured me that they would have orkin come out. after returning to room 4 hrs later i was asked to leave midweek for being upset about bedbugs and not lieing when approached by other tenants. they said they personally inspected the room to find nothing. before leaving the room altogether, i had central ohio exterminating inspect the room to find the mattress infested with live and dead bedbugs and residue that they had been there a long time. they never called orkin, just kicked me out

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