Busch Blvd
Columbus, OH 43229

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The Continent Village is infested with bedbugs. landlords did not inspect every apartment. i reported them and threw out futon mattresses pictures and beds, everything, i am an elderly woman and had to have help. The landlords harassed me and called me a bad housecleaner, said if i kept my apartment clean i wouldnt have them. they kept sending me bills for exterminations i couldnt pay and harassed me into a nervous breakdown. my kids came and moved me out. this was summer of 2010. i reported the

m like a good tenant and had no one to help me move my furnture and bag up things for the exterminators. the rental office said "this was my problem and the maintenance guys are not allowed to help me. i have had to move out of state, no longer can live in columbus. lost everything i had.

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