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On April 20th, 2011 I found over 20 bites on my 6year olds back. I contacted my apartment manager to let them know of the bed bug bites. I inquired how WE would fix the problem, was told it is my responsibility to fix! After getting little feed back from them, I researched the history of these apartments. Much to my dismay I found an open pending environmental case for the same issue, in the same apartment in which I now reside! The managers hired a company to come in and deal with the pest prob

lem! 7weeks later we are still finding bugs, bug bites, and evidence of an infestation! I asked them to break my lease, reimburse my deposit and property damage! None of which they are willing to do! These people are supposed to disclose information prior to signing leases with innocent families! We are now being forced to leave our home, with nothing able to be taken with us!

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