4450 Mobile Dr
Columbus, OH 43220-3713

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I lived in one of the apartments on the 3rd floor, unsure of the number but it was in 4450. 3 weeks after I moved in I started getting bites all over my body. The maintenance people said it was nothing and I must have a skin condition. They would not even call an exterminator to do an inspection until I found a bed bug in my underwear drawer. Then, the exterminator came and confirmed that I had bed bugs and I was charged for the service. The apartment wouldn't pay for it because they said I brou

ght them in. I had never had bed bugs in my life and had barely any furniture. After all of the trouble I lost my job because of the bugs and the apartment wouldn't let me out of my lease. We settled on making me pay $4500 to get out of the lease.

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