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My room mate found bed bugs in his bed in the back bedroom of unit J on Mar 2. He immediately bagged and tossed his linens (he had been planning to replace them anyway) and vacuum anything vacuumable in his room... there was a lot of bug markings at the corners of his mattress and box spring. We bagged up almost everything upstairs and moved the bags into storage for the exterminator, who came on the 6th. Mattresses were carefully sealed up after that. Checked with the landlord... the exterm

inator did also check the adjoining unit and found them clear.
Exterminator returned on the 23rd for the second treatment. Reported no sign of active infestation. Between the two treatments room mate found 2 bugs, on different days, on the wall by his bed.
Throughout there was never any sign of bugs outside my room mates bedroom (yay... he picked up the bill). And we haven't seen any sign of bugs since the second treatment... now nearly three weeks ago.

We're starting to bring things back from storage and heat, clean, etc everything as we unseal it. Some things, like my 8+ boxes of books will probably just be left sealed up for several months.

Landlord was helpful in contacting an exterminator for us, but it was clearly my room mate's fault, as we've been here for several years and all bugs were in his room. If only we knew where he'd picked them up from.

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