4991 Arbor Village Dr
Columbus, OH 43214-1601

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May 2012.. I've been staying here with my mom for about a month now with my new born baby. We have been hesring rumors that these apartments have bed bugs. We asked out land lord & he told us no. about a week ago I started getying bit all over! Everytime I woke up there would newer more bites. A few days ago i found a bed bug & the land lord was called he sent someone to inspect & they both then told us there was nothing. Yesterday I received a notice that our unit along with 2 others were to fo

llow a list of preperations because we are infested. We were lied to then given about 24hr notice to have our intire place cleared out & ready. On top of that they tell us we need to leave for the day. I work everyday & have a new born 24hrs notice is not enough & of they would have told is the truth a long time ago I wouldn't be completely bit up & we could be more prepared. I don't know what to do?

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May 1st . I have lived in bed bug palace for about 7 months now. before I moved in i specifically asked my landlord if there had ever been issues with these demons, he assured me that he had NEVER had an issue with the pests before. sure enough after spending 5000 grand on new furniture, including a sectional couch and california king size bed, 3 weeks ago I began getting bit. It only took me a day of knocking on my neighbors doors to find out the person across from me as well as my adjacent ne

ighbor were infested, and my landlord LIED ABOUT KNOWING. I need to know my rights. They've sprayed twice, and the bugs are still thriving although i followed all procedure. WHAT DO I DO! can I break my lease, since the neighbors have them the only ay to have a chance is to bomb the whole builkding (there are like 100 units) and it seems over half these people have them. do i throw everythjing away and start over?! all these stories seem helpless

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