1730 North Star Rd, Apt 10
Columbus, OH 43212

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The apt below me was infested and treated. Upon noticing the exterminator I spoke with my landlord and told him I had bites too. He refused to treat my apt until I found one. Well I did. My landlord did not return any phone calls for a week. So I contacted an exterminator myself. The exterminator came out and found more bed bugs and confirmed my apt was also infested. My landlord still does not return my phone calls. I contacted the maintenance man and he cannot do anything other than relay the

message to call me. I spoke with the leasing office and left a message. Now I have to pay out of pocket for extermination. I have been at this residence for over 3 years and have not had a problem until these past 2 months. So I know I did not bring these things into my apt and that another resident that has them may have. Regardless, I would like to learn more about my rights for who is responsible.

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