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I just moved into an apartment in July of 2011 and everything seemed perfect until "they" came. Within a day of sleeping in my new apartment I started finding swollen and swore bites on me that itched. Initially I disregarded them as mosquito bites or something else like a rash. Three weeks went by and I woke up early one morning and found one crawling away from me as I got up. I caught it and started doing research only to find that it was indeed a bedbug. I'm devastated by the reality of

this situation.

I can no longer go visit friends without endangering them.

I can no longer have friends visit me.

I'm terrified they're going to go into my laptop and follow me wherever I go.

I'm sore swollen and it's taking a few days for the landlord to respond to my report.

I feel like my life is nearly ruined and don't know what I'll do. Immediately after getting these I am feeling severely depressed because it wasn't easy to finally even find a place to live and now this has happened. I feel like it's my fault because I could not afford to get in some other apartment but i know that the truth is it's not my fault for being poor and it can happen to anyone and it's not my fault that the bedbugs come out of the walls and there would have been no way for me to even detect this kind which hide in cracks and small hiding places.

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