1804 Rhoda Ave
Columbus, OH 43212-1466

Found 2 reports:

The initial bedbug discovery at this house was in May 2010. Terminex was contracted and treated the house several times. There are many international /overseas students who have lived at this house while studying at Ohio State. For over ten years there were no problems with any kind of insects. The one student who lived at the property from the spring of 2010 until summer of 2011 is suspected to have brought the bed bugs into the house. A mentioned previously, Terminex was contracted to treat t

he house. We have routinely treated the house over the last two years with Terminex.

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There have been bed bugs in this house for over a year. The landlord rents the house out furnished, one room at a time. He gets all the furniture second hand, which is probably how the bed bugs got there.

The landlord habitually lies about the bed bug situation in the house when showing the house to potential tenants and when signing leases. He refuses to pay to have the problem addressed, instead pretending that there is no infestation.

No nearby bug reports