925 Mayfield Pl
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It's never a dull time at the Bexley Court Apartments... in June of 2009 the apartment above me was set on fire. I had minor water damage and the cleaning/restoration crew the landlord hired took over 2 months to repair the apartment that burned for probably less than an hour. In mid September the restoration/cleaning crew came to take care of my water damage and all they really did was paint over the water stained walls and replace a section of drywall in the ceiling. It was within the week

after they painted my apartment that I started getting what I thought were rashes. It wasn't until early November that I actually saw my first bed bug but I have been getting bitten every night for months and not realizing it.

I don't go anywhere. I didn't get them from a hotel or anything like that. I don't have guests over. I didn't get them from a friend or relative staying here. I live alone with no pets. I've owned the couch that I believe they are nesting in for more than 10 years... so the only thing I can think of as a possible source is the people working for the company that cleaned up after the fire.

I've captured 2 bed bugs in containers... but showing them to my landlord won't be fun. I've been able to get some sleep lately knowing not to sleep on the couch. My forearms, neck, feet and ankles are covered with itchy bites but I've gone 48 hours now without a new itchy red spot showing up. I'm sleeping on the floor in a different part of the apartment for now and dust the carpet around my new sleeping area with borax daily hoping that might slowly kill some of them.

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