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Follow up from August posting-- Had total of 3 sprayings. Has been approx 6 months and no signs of bugs! I did find several young stage 1 nymphs in some of my belongings after the 3rd spraying (they where still off-white and obv. had not fed at all yet). We had to get rid of our couches. I still have my clothing in plastic tubs, but no bugs have (adult or otherwise) have been sighted since mid-August. Along with following all steps provided by pest control, we dusted all woodwork with diatomaceo

us earth and kept our linens in plastic tubs (during the summer I kept all clothing in bags/tubs in my car). Sorted through all boxes/items in my room and bagged them all in giant ziploc storage bags. You CAN get rid of bedbugs, but you have to be VERY THOROUGH and don't cut any corners!

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Bedbugs discovered: 7/3/11. Possible length of infestation from November to date of discovery. Potentially due to second-hand furniture but no way of knowing the source. Currently (8/10/11) completed third round of professional spraying, and company found several adult bugs during 3rd spray session.

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