2884 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43202-2003

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I have had an infestation for about a month, and the landlord has been very responsive. The exterminators have come out three times already. Whatever they use has little residual activity though, because I have seen bed bugs crawling across the floor a few hours after they spray. Contrary to what I've read, they wander around any time of day or night and have climbed up my wooden chair to bite me at my kitchen table. They are not shy.

The apartment next door had a very bad infestation that we

nt unreported and they have been crawling into my apartment around all sides of the front door. The hallway has been badly infested too. I heard from one of my neighbors in the building that several apartments here had been infested in the past. I wish I had known before I moved in. It hardly feels like home when you have to move 90% of your things out of your apartment and keep everything else sealed in plastic bags. I'm still waiting for my first 24 hours with no sightings and no new bites.

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