153 W Pacemont Rd
Columbus, OH 43202-1011

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I assume the anonymous post dated October 17, 2010 was from one of the three tenants that moved into this house in August 2010. The report failed to mention that the professionally licensed inspector concluded that one of the three new residents brought the bed bugs into my house during their move. The extermination began immediately as I gladly released the group from their lease and they moved out. I am happy to say that with the bed bug transporting tenants out of the property and having i

t professionally treated three times over the following weeks that the house has been free of bedbugs. The new group of tenants which began occupying the property in the fall of 2010 has made no reports of bedbugs and recently renewed their lease through the fall of 2012. I am happy to report that with appropriate action; bedbugs can be remedied, especially when the group responsible vacates the property in a timely fashion.

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Light bed bug infestation in front and back bedrooms, August 2010. We started getting bites after just a week here. Exterminator didn't seem very professional.

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