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The landlord had only had the exterminator treat the bedrooms. However, we still have bed bugs, and they are now in the living room and bedrooms. I get bites very night. I keep asking him to do something about it, but I am not getting a response. Time to escrow the rent, I suppose...

There are bed bugs here. We were bug free for a month, but then I started getting bites every night. Out back in the alley, there are a number of mattresses in dumpsters...I'm assuming they were thrown out because of bed bugs. An exterminator came to check out our place yesterday, but I don't known when the actual treatment will happen.

Btw, this sucks really really bad. Can't stand trying to sleep while thinking about how I am going to wake up bitten and itchy the next day.

I'll kee

p you all updated.

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