1524 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43201-2319

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I moved into this apt...had new neighbors move into the other side of the half a double...soon after,my family and I have been getting served on a platter....management given me the run around for a whole year with false promises and halfass attempts....i want ro burn this house down...

I\'m really sorry to hear you guys still have bed bugs. The orkin man is finally coming to spray here tomorrow, and will return two more times over the next three weeks. The landlord has been pretty quick to call in an exterminator and is sympathetic to my misery. I just really hope this works, because I can\'t go on living with constant bites.

According the health department, bed bug infestation is grounds for terminating a lease - but I hear the risk of taking bed bugs with you to the ne

xt place is pretty high. This is seriously like a disease.

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Also, the main reason why bed bugs are still present at this location is that the landlord here waits too long to send the exterminator in for a follow up. thus, allowing the bugs to hatch, mature, and reproduce again. I've had over 100 bites on my body at once.

p.s. If the bedbugs weren't brought in by you or anyone else in your apt. then, it is the responsibility of your landlord.

we still have bed bugs in this location. For some reason, the landlord here doesn\'t seem to think this is a very big issue. Thats why I plan on terminating my lease soon. Anyways, I don\'t know what company my landlord is using, but make sure that you take care of this problem immediately. the longer you wait, the worse it will get. search the internet, or contact the health department for advice. have a professional come in asap. Wash a cloths in hot water and keep them in plastic bags, vacuum

frequently, and try spraying some yourself in heavily concentrated areas. It will take at least 2 exterminations to be rid of them, probably more, depending on how many and where they\'re hiding.

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Hey I live very close to this location and the Orkin man just confirmed I have bed bugs as well. Which exterminator did you guys use and what kind of success did they have? I'm pretty desperate and want to make sure we go with the right company.

I really hope you all are bed bug free by now - I need something to hope/pray for

I moved into this apartment in august 2008. With in a few weeks I started to find bed bugs in my apartment; so, I called the main office and sent in a complaint. It took them over 2 weeks to finally have an exterminator come. I wasn't notified that the exterminator would be coming in the morning until the night before. After the extermination, it only took a few days for me to find bed bugs still in my apartment. So, I called the office again and told them that I still had bed bugs and they told

me to wait 2 weeks after the extermination to call them. So, I did, and all that has happened since is that their numbers have increased dramatically. I called after the 2 week anniversary of the extermination and now it's been a week since I've done that and I still have received no notice that another exterminator will be coming.

Also, on another note, like Michael, I, too, have roaches

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Complaints can be made by calling 311 (645-3111).
Michael...call them. it is the health dept for columbus ohio.

I moved into this apartment building on June 16th, 2008. The landlord had treated the place for bed bugs about a week before I moved in and decided not to disclose that information to me. Within three days I had come in contact with a bed bug crawling up my leg.

It did not occur to me at the time that the bug was indeed a bed bug. At first I thought it was a tick. The following Saturday I found the same sort of bug crawling on my leg again while I was sitting on my bed. I knew that ticks did

n't behave in such ways so I got online to check it out and then I confirmed it.

That night I called my landlord and left a message on their answering machine at about 1:30 a.m. (the office is closed on the weekend). On Monday I expected to receive a phone call from them in the morning addressing the situation, but they never called. That afternoon around 1:30 I went to their office and no one was there so I returned again at 4:00pm. I gave them a written notice and told them about the situation and they tried to act like they didn't know about it.

Two days later I found out the place has cockroaches too.

They have up to 30 days to fix the problems, by law. They have yet to let me know what they plan to do to fix the problem. Is this good business, is this just? I think not. Sounds criminal to me.

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