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I'm not sure how bedbugs got into our building, but we sure got them bad. <br>
My best friend moved into a unit downstairs to me, just below a vacant apartment which I shared a wall with.<br>
Within just a couple of weeks, she started to get mysterious bug bites. Unsure of what they were, she had several of her friends who work in the medical community identify the bites. Most said they were flea bites, others said they were an allergic reaction. My friend literally had tens of these marks

, which is not much of a surprise considering that she has extremely fair skin.
A few more weeks go by. Suddenly, I'm getting bites. Unsure if fleas had come into my house via my roommates cat or just the nature of living in apartments, I called an exterminator.<br>
He confirmed my worst fear: bedbugs.<br>
My friend moved out, but due to financial restrictions, I had to continue living with the bugs for another three months. Within those three months, I notified the landlord. She, in turn, requested we pay for the spraying in exchange for a credit on our rent. But anyone who has done enough research on bedbugs knows that you have to do all units at once, not one at a time. And you have to do it every two weeks until they completely go away. <br>
With two vacant apartments in the building and all tenants having varying health issues and work schedules, this was impossible.<br>
So the bedbugs stayed, but I left.

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