200 W Norwich Ave
Columbus, OH 43201-1016

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This complex had an outbreak of bedbugs in 2010-2011. When the landlord had one of the units treated, the bedbugs scattered to other units. My unit was affected causing me untold hours of lost work, emotional distress, cash, and cleaning labor. The landlord did hire an exterminator. I did not see the bugs after this treatment, but I also moved out as soon as I could manage the cash.

While I do think that the land lord handled the situation responsibly, I was dismayed to see that current tenan

ts are now required to sign a lease addenda that states that the complex has never had bed bugs and that their units are bed bug free.The addenda further establishes that if tenants find bugs, they are responsible for paying the exterminator. When I asked one of the tenants about what the landlord said concerning the bed bugs, he told me that the landlord stated that no bugs had ever been reported in the complex. I am not even sure if this is legal- regardless, it is a rather bold lie. I strongly caution any tenant against signing this addenda.

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