500 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14620-1011

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January 2009 to present.
I have had a bed bug problem in this building. I have lost my furniture twice from this. Management doesn't realize that people here are low income and cannot afford to buy new furniture twice a year. The exterminators have done a full apartment spray and have done partial spraying of furniture. I purchased mattress and box spring encasements so my bed is protected. The exterminators do come twice a week but I don't think they do as thorough a job as they could. I f

eel that management could do better job by hiring a larger pest company . The companies they have been using are small ones. I have seen the extermintor stand in my apartment and tell me the bed bugs are in here but I have never seen them go through every crack and crevice searching for them. I personally think management could do a better job.

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August 4 2010

I have several clients in this building that have or have had bed bugs. This is an on-going problem at this building. I would say that there are 20 or more apartments that have them or have had them. There is an exterminator that sprays 2 times a week. They are working on the problem but I wanted to let people to know that this is a problem in this building.

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