141 Arborwood Cres
Rochester, NY 14615-3848

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In may, 2010 my neighbors moved out from next door to me they lived at at 140 arborwood crescent in crescent garden apartments. They were infested with bed bugs. When they started packing up my wife was noticing like. an itchy rash on her body and it was in a different place every day. So we went to the dr.s and they kept saying bug bites but not sure what kind. So we contacted are apartment complex and they sent an exterminator out they were suspicious of bed bugs. And we told them we had spide

rs and centipedes bad from the moisture in the basement.so they they exterminated for spiders and said that we did no have bed bugs,it was a relief so we thought. So a couple of weeks go by and my wife is still getting bit.so we call again and an exterminator came out and said we did in Fact have bed bugs so they went next door cause they just moved out by this time and the lady said they were everywhere and this was day time.so they treat my apt.and the apt. Next door they said we would have to wait 14 days to come back and inspect to make sure there gone so then managment before the inspection turns the apt to rent it and now I have no idea if we still have them or not I complained and had them send someone out but he just showed up looked around and said nope notyings here and didn't even inspect my apt. Just next door. So I hope the whole complex don't have em by the time summer is over and I am fuming with anger I pay $705.00 in rent and have reallly nice thing and keep my apt. Super clean and still I have to have these problems.

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