1059 Lake Ave
Rochester, NY 14613-1721

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I just moved into this apartment thinking everything was okay and it actually was for the first couple of months. I needed to wash my infant daughters clothing along with some of my belongings and bed linen. So I went to the laundry room which is located in the basement of our apartment and washed/dryed the items. I went back to my apartment and put them away etc. 2 days later I put some of that linen on bed and that's when it happen. I started itching and seeing big red welts on my arms legs an

d face. They look like mosquito bites just a bit larger and they ITCH! I called the managment about coming here with a exterminantor and they have yet to respond. I can't live here with my 4 month old with this problem. Let's see how al*a managment handles this bs .

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