4709 48th Ave
Woodside, NY 11377-6549

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We got a really nice apt. on the border of Sunnyside and Woodside queens.

My wife pressured me into buying USED furniture from craigslist.org for our new spacious 1000 square foot 1 bedroom apt. Since I was the one to be footing the bill for the furniture items and as new furniture can be quite expensive in NYC, I half begrudgingly accepted.

Well, that was the beginning of the end. We basically infected our apt with all that used furniture. Big Mistake!

We experienced a Bed Bug Infest

ation within a few months of furnishing our home with used furniture. We weren't sure what was happening, but my wife fell asleep reading on the couch a few times and woke up with some red welts on the tender areas of her inner thys.

First they attacked my wife, then me - it was real bad - we had red welts all over our bodies! Were not sure what was causing it, just assumed maybe an allergic reaction to food, maybe a fungus or mosquitoes.

We finally called an exterminator to come in to spray and treat the home when we figured out what was going on (we didn't bother to ask the land lord which was a mistake). The exterminator put a mattress cover on our bed, sprayed and did this and that, after an hour of work he charged us $475 and was on his way.

I eventually threw out all the furniture and replaced it all with new furniture, this didn't really solve the problem.

The bed bug treatment didn't seem to entirely work, we still had some bite marks and problems afterwards, well this whole thing really strained our marriage and relationship.

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