4705 45th St
Woodside, NY 11377-6460

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4/12/12 I started to notice bed bugs a few weeks ago when my boyfriend was being constantly bit. I have probably had them a lot longer, but am myself not allergic to the bites. Our building is now managed by Bronstein Properties and they have never answered the phone to help me deal with the issue. I left several messages and after two weeks they finally relayed a message through my super (who is hepful) to tell me an exterminator will call me. No one ever called and Bonstein continued to evade

my calls. Finally a building manager of some kind came around a week ago with the super and gave me a number to call for an exterminator. I asked him if there had been other problems with bed bugs in the building- he hesitated and mentioned "I think the apartment below you had a problem." So the bugs probably traveled up to my apartment and other adjacent apartments and nobody was notified there were any bugs in the building. Reading previous posts here, I think the whole building is probably infested as well and they just don't want to do the work to eradicate the problem. Call 311 and report the bugs to the city housing authority if you live here and have them.

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I saw first signs of bugs when we moved in. Its only been a month since move in and, we are seeing 1 or 2 bugs here or there. I called up the management and they're gonna send an exterminator, but I doubt it will help much in the long run. I think this building is infested and unless the entire building is treated formally, it won't fully eradicate the problem. The wooden floors are a bit dated and have tiny gaps at several places and the bugs can hide out in the floors.

I think they'll just

keep coming back and this just means a lot of work for the next 1 year until my lease ends. for me ... cleaning bedsheets, steaming mattresses and so on.

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March 27. 47-05 45th St Woodside NY 11377

During January my boyfriend started to have biten spots all over his body and we didn\'t realize it was bed bugs issue and only thought it was some allergy. It kept on for two months and we found it out end of March. It looked terrible and totally freaked me out. Apparently Vantage Management never intend to inform this to us when we signed the lease.

Vantage told me they will send exterminator. But from the previouse report, I doubt exterminator w

ill be very helpful because apparently bigger issues have never been resolved.

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We have lived in this apartment since April 2008 and have had a bed bug infestation for at least six months that we are aware of. We have been treated four times and Metro Pest has been as helpful as possible. Most recently they informed us that if we still have a problem then they need to access adjoining apartments (most likely the whole building) to eradicate the problem. Vantage Management has avoided speaking to us directly about the problem, they are probably aware of the issue and eluding

the bigger issue...THE WHOLE ESTABLISHMENT NEEDS TO BE COLLECTIVELY TREATED. Clearly (based on the report from over a year ago) the bugs are just moving from unit to unit and the bigger issue is not being dealt with.

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Mild infestation- so far!
Building management is not helpful. They sent an exterminator once. He spent 10 minutes spraying. He did not communicate with us. Now the management company (Vantage Residential) will not return calls.
We are still being bitten both at night and during the day.

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