4145 52nd St
Queens, NY 11377-4545

Found 2 reports:

In November 2010, we found bedbugs and eventually got the management's exterminators to treat and killed off the infestation by late January. However, the exterminators recommended that the management company (Vantage) have all the apartments adjacent to ours get checked and treated. To the best of our knowledge, this never happened.

Now it's September 2011, and we're about to move out in a month. We just found bedbugs again and we're pretty sure they're fleeing from an apartment next to us.

We're bagging all our stuff, heat-treating, and throwing away, preparing for the chemical treatment. It's not fun. If we'd had a more conscientious management company, maybe we wouldn't have had to deal with this twice.

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We just noticed an infestation in our apt. We have been trying to contact the super, but he never answers the phone! We plan on contacting the landlord asap! Btw, this is a building owned by vantage.

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