277 Eastern Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11238-6301

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The building is infested with bed bugs and it was a miracle we only got them twice whilst we were there for two years. The landlord never deals with the issue completely or effectively so they are never going to go away. We got the bed bugs after our neighbors had them and told our landlord who paid for the cheaper exterminators who came and obviously did nothing and so a week ,after the bed bugs came back. We had to throw everything away.

First infestation was noticed on 3 Sept and second i

nfestation was 25th Sept.

see full report...

Oh crap! I live in that building and had no idea. If "Anonymous" from 9/24 checks in, can you tell us if the apartments are on the front side (Eastern Parkway/south) or back wing (north) end of the building? I never use the laundry room in the basement, by the way. The dryers don't work and usually half the washers are broken.

There are a minimum of 10 different units in our building on record that have reported bedbugs in the past month. Exterminators have come, but their chemicals are not working to battle the situation.

Today's date is 9/24/2012

If you are looking in this area, stay away!

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