364 Lincoln Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5801

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ANOTHER report for my building, as of 8/22/2012. I have now lived here for 3 years and my neighbors on the 3rd floor are reporting bedbugs to the management company with no response at all. This company has a general reluctance to treat only one room so, annually, a single occurrence becomes an all-out infestation throughout the whole building.

I intend to break my lease and leave if bedbugs infest my apartment (AGAIN) because the company does not respond to this current request.

This building seems to have an on-going infestation. Apt E8 has been infested for months now, despite numerous extermination attempts. I am currently a tenant there and am leaving because of the bedbugs. The previous tenant left for the same reason.

Yet another bedbug problem at this address. Flyers are up again, and people on the 5th floor are again reporting bedbugs.

RE 364 Lincoln Place. This has been an ongoing problem for at least one year. Several different tenants have posted messages about the situation only to have them removed by someone. Many tenants have moved out because of Galster Mgmt's reluctance to treat individual apartments. Now, the mgmt is exterminating the entire building and even if tenants do not have infestation, we are being advised to proceed with all three treatments, displacing us and our animals for three different Mondays. While

I'm glad the mgmt has finally responded, the infestation should never been allowed to spread in the first place and mgmt is generally hostile and rude to renters who have complained about this and other matters.

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I'm a renter in this building. As of Monday, October 26th, the landlord has scheduled bedbug treatment due to an infestation. The problem has apparently existed for over a month, and the landlord only took action after another tenant left flyers around the building altering us. The infestation is apparently centered on the north side of the fifth floor.

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